Mobile Phone Detectors Using Data Logger Technology

Vehicle speed activated roadside displays have been around for many years, but now a company called Westcotec Limited have turned their attention to another factor affecting road safety, and this is the use of mobile phones by drivers.   The innovative new roadside displays are activated by the detection of a mobile phone signal from the driver or a passenger in a vehicle.   These signs are aiming to push home the message that driving while using a non-hands free phone is unacceptable.

Here is the full article on these signs from the BBC website

Westcotec are trialing the next development of this sign which utilises a SpaceLogger data logger from Richard Paul Russell Limited, in order that there will be data available on the frequency and time of day the signs are triggered.  This will allow targeted enforcement action to be taken at the very worst times of day, all with the over-riding aim of reducing road traffic accidents

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