Wind data for Moneypoint in Ireland

Moneypoint power station located on the River Shannon near Kilrush, County Clare has its very own wind data monitoring station viewable on WeatherFile.  Moneypoint is Ireland’s largest electricity generation station with an output of around  915 MW.

Moneypoint operates large tower cranes on rails to unload coal from visiting vessels; these cranes require wind monitoring equipment to deliver live accurate data independent of local Wi-Fi or the LAN network. This data is critical for the safe operation of the cranes and the data has to be viewable by on-site and off-site personnel responsible for operation limits.

The Gill WindSonic 1 solid-state ultrasonic sensor has many advantages over conventional cup anemometers and vane sensors. Having no moving parts that can jam, break or wear out makes it the sensor of choice for harsh weather conditions and remote locations when you need to know you can just fit and leave with very low risk of failure or damage.

This sensor is connected to a WeatherFile Mobile Unit (WMU) which allows data to be gathered directly from the wind sensor and sent via the 4G mobile network to WeatherFile.   The result is cable free live data through WeatherFile completely independent of the site’s local IT infrastructure.  If for any reason the mobile connection is lost this is no problem as the data is stored on the logger within the WMU which will send the data once connection is re-established.

This data is wind speed as a 10 minute low, average and max, plus live (updated every 10 seconds) speed and direction which can then be viewed through any internet connected device, such as a PC, tablet or smart phone.  Moneypoint also have the additional functionality from WeatherFile to set their own email alerts when certain wind speed and direction parameters are exceeded.  The data is also available in a tabular format on WeatherFile and historic data is downloadable in a csv file for any further analysis.

This weather station and WeatherFile are supplied by Richard Paul Russell Ltd who have over 20 years of experience in wind monitoring for the tower crane market.  On WeatherFile there are both private sites and over 50 public sites,  many of which exist to meet a specific regulatory requirement in their own particular industry.

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